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New project success - CERTO

The Copernicus Marine, Climate Change & Land services all produce EO-based water quality data using different methods for ocean, shelf waters and lakes, while none cover transitional waters. A new EC H2020 project, CERTO, aims to harmonize methods across the services, develop specific methods for transitional waters and develop indicators relevant to stakeholders. CERTO brings further collaboration between PML & the University of Lisbon, as well as 8 other partners, & demonstrates the value of PORTWIMS for promoting the university's involvement in more projects.

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Lisbon scientists sail the Atlantic

disco.jpgThree early-career researchers, Andreia Tracana (left), Guilia Sent (centre) and Carolina Sa' (right), from the University of Lisbon are participating in the 29th Atlantic Meridional Transect cruise. Here they can be seen alongside RRS Discovery in the Azores.

Carolina has spent time training at PML and preparing for the cruise and is now on board the ship operating a hand-held sun photometer to obtain measurements of atmospheric aerosols. She is working in collaboration with NASA and the information will be crucial to validate satellite measurments of aerosol properties as these measurements are scarce in the open ocean.

Guilia, an MSc student, is using microscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography to characterize phytoplankton communities in the the Atlantic Ocean and Andreia is participating in AMT for the second time to investigate the effects of Saharan dust on coccolithophore communities.

An international team of young researchers on board the Polarstern

Mara Gomes from MARE-FCUL is participating in a month long expedition from the Falkland Islands to Bremerhaven, the South-North Atlantic Training Transect cruise as part of PORTWIMS. They are part of a team of 25 young scientists who will gain unique insights into the marine sciences and engage in short projects on interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate.
See the press release or cruise blog for updates.


YouTube video on Earth Observtion

Vanda Brotas participated on a conference included on the program CCOceanos 2019 – sponsored by Vodafone, on the 14th February 2019, where she highlighted the importance of PORTWIMS for the development of expertise on Earth Observation in Portugal. This programme consists of a set of conferences for the general public, which are recorded and streamed in Portuguese. 

PORTWIMS objectives presented at the Atlantic4Space workshop

Vanda Brotas presenting at the Atlantic from Space workshop
Vanda Brotas gave a presentation in January 2019 at the Atlantic4Space Workshop in Southampton, UK titled "Survey of Earth Observation activities conducted at the University of Lisbon on the Northeast Atlantic" which included presentation of the PORTWIMS main objectives.

Download the slides from the presentation.


Applications for PORTWIMS Summer Schools now open


Illustrator Rui Sousa and author Vanda Brotas at the launch of the children's book

"The girl who could see the sea with different colours" by Vanda Brotas

On 1st December, Vanda Brotas launched a Portuguese children’s book “The girl who could see the sea with different colours”, which aims to call the attention of 8-11 years old to the role of phytoplankton in the marine ecosystem and the way Earth Observation satellites work. The book is published by Gradiva. The book is sponsored by Ciência Viva which is the major Portuguese Governmental Agency in Science Communication and Outreach.

* Update - the book has now been translated and is available to download in an English version *
Vanda talking to school children

Vanda used her book to explain to 10-12 year old students what is the colour of the ocean during a school visit in March 2019. She used the book to help explain what phytoplankton is, it's importance and how satellites can observe the colour of the ocean.

Further information

The girl who could see different colours in the sea - Book by Vanda Brotas. English version

Portuguese version:
A menina que via o mar de várias cores . Gravida publishers.

Newspaper article in Publico

Atlantic Meridional Transect article by Vanda Brotas



PORTWIMS Newsletter

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